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  1. Pick Your Pony

From the album Tuna Month OCTOBER 2018

By Andy Steiner

Well the things that money brings
Like a watch and a diamond ring
Ain't worth as much as what you lose
In the daily grind

Social anxiety
And the ways of society
Ain't nothin' but a set of lies
Pressed upon your mind

The time will surely come
When you wonder where you're really from
And the moment will surely rise
When you bend your knees and look to the skies
Cuz in the great big scheme of things
Both the devils and angels have wings
So pick your pony and don't get left behind

We get a peak at eternity
Live just to know what it means to be
Before you know it the future becomes the past

The good times come and go
Where they go no one really knows
Just look to the waves of the wind blowing in the grass